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Fuel Separation and Conditioning

LME-Fuel Separation

The Laboratory incorporates a state-of-the-art fuel separation and conditioning facility. The facility utilises an Alfa Laval MMPX 403 centrifugal separator for discharging sludge and water from the fuel. The separator allows treatment of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) with viscosity of more than 600 cSt. Untreated HFO, stored in two settling tanks, is heated to 80°C by passing through a HEATPAC(r) EHM-62 heater, before entering the centrifugal separator. The purified HFO is subsequently stored in a service tank.


Fuel conditioning initially involves passing the HFO through a pressurised deaeration tank, where "fresh" fuel mixes with hot return fuel from the engines and any excess air is vented. The HFO then enters the VISCOCHIEF(r) CS-160 automatic viscosity control system, where it is heated to the correct viscosity for injection. A viscosity transducer monitors the viscosity against a set point value and adjusts the heating medium supply accordingly. The fuel conditioning system is completed with an Alfa Laval MOATTI automatic particle filter. Heavy fuel oil pipes as well as all fuel tanks are thermally insulated.

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